Bringing Wow to your New Patient Consultations

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If you're like us, you're probably feeling the pressure from managed care, OTC, big box, and online competition. Maybe you are feeling the pressure to change your business to compete.

That's why we created Audflow - to clearly differentiate your practice's unique value from your competition.

You Only Get One Chance to
Make an Amazing First Impression

Involve patients in the
discovery process

Actively engaging prospects in the consultation increases their ownership of the hearing loss & leads to higher treatment acceptance and practice profitability.

Establish Trust
and Social Proof

Patients prefer to work with healthcare providers with a track record of success. Integrating provider bios & positive reviews increases trust, leading to higher conversions.

Systematize your
Sales Process

Whether you have 1 provider or 100, you want your patients to have consistently exceptional experiences with every provider, every time. With Audflow, your new professional & systematized consultation workflows will do exactly that.

How does Audflow work?

What happens after I sign up?

1. Customize Your Sales Tool

Our skilled design team will work with you to create a custom sales presentation tool that is consistent with your brand, includes customized pricing, service options, counseling tools, and more!

2. Complete Your Training

Our co-founder, Dr. Brad Stewart, will train you and your team on how to implement Audflow in your clinic via a series of pre-recorded videos. Initial onboarding takes under one hour.

3. Use Your Tool

Roll out Audflow in your clinic and get ready to impress your new prospects with a beautiful, educational, and professional presentation, from discovery all the way to pricing and payment conversations.

4. Get involved & keep learning

The Audflow user community & members area gives you access to a network of amazing hearing providers & business owners, ongoing trainings, exclusive partner discounts, monthly Q&A office hours with Dr. Stewart, new audiologist onboarding resources, special events, and more!

Who is Audflow for?

The Growing Private Practice

You've figured out how to grow, your marketing is working, and you're adding locations & providers. You've worked to build systems and consistency, but still some of your providers and locations excel while others are less productive. You need a way to create consistent sales outcomes that aren't dependent on the sales skills of your providers.

The ENT Clinic

Your clinic sees a consistent flow of patients and hearing aid candidates. You have smart, skilled clinical audiologists, but feel like you should be facilitating a more unique & memorable experience for your patients. You want to grow the revenue in your hearing aid department but feel stuck on what to do next.

The Solo Practice

You're focused on staying small & independent. You sometimes feel unsure how to respond to market threats and you've been tempted to drop your prices to compete (or you already have & you're feeling the squeeze on your already limited profits). You aren't always sure how to demonstrate your uniqueness and value to prospects.

What is the ROI of
Audflow in my practice?

Our members see significant improvement in the their sales conversion and average sales price with Audflow. Input your current averages to see the financial impact Audflow could have in your practice*

*Based on industry standards for top-performing audiology practices. This is not a guarantee of financial performance, and individual results may vary.


Hear the Success Stories of Audflow users

"Audflow is a modern solution to something I've wanted to do for years..."
“Audflow… has helped us really think about each step of our consultative process, and systemize our approach so each one of us is delivering the same excellent quality of care. It has given us a definite edge in our very competitive market… It’s one of the best decisions I ever made for my business!

Dr. Indira Alvarez, AU.D., F-AAA
Practice Owner & Audflow user


Monthly pricing with 12 month commitment.



1 Provider
/ Month
/ Year

SAve $338!

Customized per provider
Onboarding Training
Ongoing Sales Training
Access to Audflow Community
Choose Monthly PlanChoose Annual Plan
2-3 Providers
/ Month
/ Year

SAve $338!

Customized per provider
Onboarding Training
Ongoing Sales Training
Access to Audflow Community
Choose Monthly PlanChoose Annual Plan
4-5 Providers
/ Month
/ Year

SAve $338!

Customized per provider
Onboarding Training
Ongoing Sales Training
Access to Audflow Community
Choose Monthly PlanChoose Annual Plan
6-7 Providers
/ Month
/ Year

SAve $338!

Customized per provider
Onboarding Training
Ongoing Sales Training
Access to Audflow Community
Choose Monthly PlanChoose Annual Plan

Have 8+providers? Email us at for a custom quote.


I have a unique business model, will Audflow work for me?

We have developed Audflow to work with a variety of models including bundled, unbundled, hybrid, and lease-based hearing clinics. If our current options for business model don’t fit with your current practice, we are able to create a more customized solution to fit your needs.

During your onboarding process, we will review the current options available to you in Audflow, and if further customization is necessary, additional charges will apply (custom build charges vary and are case-by-case).

Audflow is also mobile-friendly, so if you’re a traveling audiologist you can use the Audflow sales tool on your tablet.

Do I have to change my pricing or presentation to use Audflow?

Our goal is to make a beautiful sales tool that works in your current workflow. We hope that as you start using Audflow you’ll experiment with our best practices so that you can optimize your current workflow and improve your practice’s productivity and profitability.

Generally, most practices can use their current pricing and won’t need to change their presentation. After completing the Audflow training, you may choose to change your presentation to make sure you’re maximizing your consultations and creating amazing patient experiences.

One of the benefits of Audflow membership is that you will have access to hearing aid sales best practices resources. We have developed the standard Audflow presentation in a format that is conducive to most common hearing aid consultation workflows, however further custom options are available to dial in the presentation more to your needs.

What is the process to use Audflow?

Once you sign up to use Audflow, our team will reach out to begin the sales tool customization process. We will have you complete an onboarding questionnaire and will work for the first two to three weeks building and customizing your sales tool. 

While we’re building the tool, we’ll give you access to our training center, where you and your team can begin to learn how the sales tool works so that you’ll be ready to launch as soon as your tool is built! 

Generally the time from purchase to launch is 4-6 weeks.

How much does Audflow cost?

Check out our sign up information for details on pricing.

Will you train our audiology team to improve their sales results?

Upon joining Audflow you and your team will gain access to our training library, where you will all participate in our onboarding training process. 

During the onboarding, your team will participate in Audflow workflow training and scripting for each section in the hearing aid consultation. Your training also includes best practices for managing sales objections, body language, framing, and more nuanced sales strategies (with new content being added every week)!

Growing a big team or need more one-on-one guidance? Dr. Stewart and the Audflow team are able to directly manage your new provider onboarding sales training process (inquire directly to for more information).

Do I need any additional equipment to use Audflow?

We recommend the following equipment in your consultation room(s) to optimize the Audflow experience:

  • Computer monitor (32”+) connected to your office consultation computer to present Audflow during patient appointments
  • Quality wireless surround sound speakers for live demonstrations

We will provide specific product recommendations during onboarding. 

How long does it take to build our sales tool?

We require you to complete an onboarding questionnaire when you sign up for Audflow. After the questionnaire is completed, we will begin building your customized Audflow tool. We generally expect about a 4-6 week turnaround from when you sign up for Audflow and when you are using it in your clinic.

What ongoing support & resources do we get with our membership?

Audflow is more than just a sales tool. As an Audflow member, you have access to our training library that includes resources for sales training, pricing strategy, managing competitive threats, business administration, and more!

Dr. Stewart and Chris Erickson also host a monthly open office hour, during which time you’ll be able to ask questions, work through issues, and share strategies with other Audflow members.

We also have an exclusive Facebook community where you can share best practices with your colleagues in a territory-protected environment, so you know your best ideas are safe!

Finally, we are also negotiating strategic industry partnerships so that Audflow members have access to the best service and equipment deals in audiology.

How does territory exclusivity work?

We are currently only allowing one practice per zip code to participate in Audflow. We believe this tool and the systems that surround it are important service differentiators, and we want to make sure you can corner your market and be the go-to provider in your community.

How many providers/locations are included in our membership?

We include 1 unique provider profile with the base Audflow membership. Additional providers are available at an additional cost. See pricing for details.

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