Kelly Knollhoff

"Audflow is a modern solution to something I've wanted to implement for a long time."

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Birkdale Audiology
Huntersville, United States

Birkdale Audiology came to Audflow with a templated website that was very similar to many others in the industry. The website didn't show off Birkdale's unique strengths and what makes them a premier provider of Audiological services in their area. There was very little social proof on the website and visitors had to find their testimonials buried on a separate page. Audflow created a new site that showed the "why" for her practice. In addition, Audflow built Dr. Knolhoff a Patient Consult Tool that she uses for her patient consultations. When patients come to Dr. Knolhoff's practice, they can see that her practice uses technology to help deliver excellent hearing care. Once people become patients of Birkdale Audiology, they have an easy to install app, where they can easily request supplies, view tutorials, listen to tinnitus masking sounds or contact the practice.

Birkdale Audiology

Stand out like Birkdale Audiology does

Website that sets them apart from the others
Patient Consult Tool for better presentations
Smartphone app for patients
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