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Google Maps Ranking

Local searches for healthcare providers are exploding and your Google Maps ranking should be priority #1.

Ever google for an Audiologist in your city or town? The first listings are Google Ads. About 95% of searches skip past those. The next set of listings for most local searches are Google Map listings.
When is the last time one of your blog posts brought you activity like this?
Google Maps Best Practices

Unfortunately, many agencies are ignoring Google Maps and Google My Business.

When my wife and I started a marketing agency in 2013, we built the agency (and the packages) for what was working in 2013. Google has changed a lot in the last 10 years, but many SEO packages being offered today haven't.

Many of them are still using the bulk of the resources and money on creating a bunch of short, generic blog posts.
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Why optimize Google Maps?

Not only is it effective - it's easier and cheaper than traditional SEO packages.

Google My Business platform is fairly straight forward and practices of any size can compete. We work with practices of all sizes to help improve their Google Maps visibility.

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