Put your practice in the patient's pocket

The Audflow Practice App is an iOS/Google smartphone app created to help set you apart and increase loyalty.
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“I love that I can send notifications directly to my patients' smartphones"

What the Practice App includes

Give your patients a next-level experience

Easy access to contact information & directions
Hearing aid maintenance tutorials
Tinnitus sound library
In-app supply requests
Review links to your review sites
Push notifications to your patients
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With the Practice App, Audiology Practices are able to:

1. Set their practice apart from competitors and create a next-level experience
2. Communicate directly to their patients (and bypass the email filters)
3. Reduce time spent with patients via tutorials and helpful videos
4. Get more practice reviews by offering your review links directly in your app
5. Give an easy way for your patients to contact you with directions, calling & messaging
6. Create a more convenient way for patients to request supplies via their app
Introducing the Practice App

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to have other Audflow services to get the Practice App?
Will my app be in the App Stores?
Is this HIPAA Compliant?
Can I choose the tutorials and videos that my patients have access to?
Do you only work with Audiologists?
Set your Audiology practice apart by working with audflow.
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