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Audiology SEO Sprint.

Looking for an SEO service that just makes sense? At Audflow, we've created a more effective system with the SEO Sprint.

So what exactly is anSEO Sprint?

And other information about our SEO services for Audiologists

We popularized Search Engine Optimization for Audiology practices almost 10 years ago. Since then, the Google algorithm (and SEO) has changed a lot. The problem? Most SEO packages remain almost exactly how we created them a decade ago.

That's why we created the SEO Sprint. Our innovative approach has a number of benefits over the standard, vanilla SEO packages:

It doesn't take as long to see results

By starting with a flurry of activity, the SEO Sprint allows for quicker progress. In the first 60 days, we address technical SEO, content, schema, Google Map and other SEO needs. Instead of waiting months (or longer) to get the baseline setup you need, we focus on getting you there quicker.

Over time, it's actually more affordable

Because we front-load a large portion of the work, there is less SEO work required during the maintenance period. Over time, this saves practices a lot of unnecessary spending with better SEO results. Annualized, our SEO offerings are a cost-effective solution for today's practice.

the SEO Sprint description.

FAQs about Audiology SEO

Do I have to have a website from you to hire you for SEO?
A website from Audflow is not required, however it is often recommended. As discussed in the 5 truths about Audiology websites, many practices end up spending more money on search optimization efforts because their website isn't unique and doesn't convert as well as it could.

Do you only work with Audiologists?
While this may be controversial for some, we are proud to say YES, we only work with Audiology practices. We define that as a practice that has at least one Master's or Doctoral-level Audiologist on staff. Most agencies will work with anyone. As you'll learn, we aren't like most agencies.

Will you work on my Google Business Profile?
Yes! In fact, in the 5 Truths of Audiology SEO, we discuss the importance of the Google Business Profile (formerly called Google My Business). Google Map optimization is a strong focus of ours, as we have seen impressive results from these efforts.

Are there long-term contracts?
No, there are no long-term contracts for the SEO Sprint. We believe in our service and believe practices will see the value over the long-term.

Do you have exclusive territories?
Yes, for SEO services, we offer city-exclusivity for any Audflow clients currently on an SEO plan.

Do I own the work if stop using your service?
Yes, absolutely! The content, adjustments and ranking growth from the service are yours to keep.

Do you use unique content or stock content?
The content we create for clients is unique. Stock, or duplicate content, can hinder your efforts and effectiveness online.

Do you have any Audiology SEO Tips for those just starting out?
Yes, we do! You can find a lot of SEO tips and advice here.

Audiologists alreadyusing Audflow.

We work best with Audiologists that are always looking for how they can make their practice and patient experience even better.

Ready to create a betterpatient experience?

A few more things about us:

  1. We aren't the least expensive, but we will spend more time on you.
  2. We operate on city or zip code exclusivity (based on service).
  3. We're not meant to work with everyone. We're happy 🤗 to work with a select few.
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