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Learn about the SEO plan that is quicker to see results and is more affordable over the long term.
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"Almost immediately after launching the new site, we had more forms being submitted and the 3 months after launching the new site have been the best on record."

Brad Stewart, Au.D.
The SEO Sprint

The new way to optimize SEO

By starting with a flurry of activity, the SEO Sprint allows for quicker progress. In the first 60 days, we address technical SEO, content, schema, Google Map and other SEO needs. Instead of waiting months (or longer) to get the baseline setup you need, we focus on getting you there quicker.
Audiology SEO

Benefits of the Audflow SEO Sprint

By focusing on immediate needs in the initial 60 day period, results are seen quicker.
Lower SEO costs over the long-run
More focused activities on what is working NOW with Google
City-based exclusivity. We only work with Audiologists and we won't work with your competition.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to have a website from you to hire you for SEO?
Do you only work with Audiologists?
Will you work on my Google Business Profile?
Are there long-term contracts?
Do you have exclusive territories?
Do I own the work if stop using your service?
Do you use unique content or stock content?
Do you have any Audiology SEO Tips for those just starting out?
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