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Enhance your audiology practice's marketing, communication, and productivity with a free, custom-trained ChatGPT-4 AI assistant - all inside your browser.
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"Audflow is a modern solution to something I've wanted to implement for a long time."

With Audflow's AI Chrome Extension, Audiologists will be able to:

1. Craft engaging social media posts for your practice
Generate captivating content for your practice's social media channels in just a few clicks.
2. Simplify clinic notes within your web-based OMS
Get assistance with creating accurate and informative clinic notes, saving time and effort for audiologists and staff.
3. Compose compelling marketing emails
Effortlessly create persuasive email campaigns that effectively promote your audiology practice.
4. Respond to patient reviews
Quickly craft thoughtful and professional responses to both positive and negative reviews to maintain your practice's online reputation.
5. Write informative blog posts
Easily generate well-researched and engaging blog content to showcase your practice's expertise and attract new patients.
6. Streamline communication
Get help with drafting, editing, and personalizing emails, memos or letters for better internal and external communication.
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