You only get one chance to make an amazing first impression.

The Audflow Patient Consult Tool is a 100% customizable presentation utilized during new patient consultations.
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“Audflow has given us a definite edge in our very competitive market… It’s one of the best decisions I ever made for my business!"

With the Patient Consult Tool, Audiologists are able to:

1. Actively involve patients in the discovery process
Actively engaging prospects in the consultation increases their ownership of the hearing loss & leads to higher treatment acceptance and practice profitability.
2. Establish trust and provide social proof
Patients prefer to work with healthcare providers with a track record of success. Integrating provider bios & positive reviews increases trust, leading to higher conversions.
3. Systematize the consultation process
Whether you have 1 provider or 100, you want your patients to have consistently exceptional experiences with every provider, every time. With Audflow, your new professional & systematized consultation workflows will do exactly that.

Who is the Audflow
Patient Consult Tool for?

The solo practice
The growing private practice
The ENT clinic
Custom Patient Consult Tool used by Dr Kelly Knolhoff

How does the Patient Consult Tool work?

What does the onboarding process look like? 
Do I have to change my pricing or presentation to use Audflow?
Do I have to change my pricing or presentation to use Audflow?
What is the process to use Audflow?
Do you provide an onboarding process for my team?
Do I need any additional equipment to use Audflow?
How long does it take to build our Patient Consult Tool?
What ongoing support & resources do we get with our membership?
How does territory exclusivity work?
How does territory exclusivity work?
How many providers/locations are included in our membership?
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